Desert National Park

570 Kms from Jaipur

desert national park

About Desert National Park

Located in the desert city of Jaisalmer (also popularly known as the Golden City) of western Rajasthan and stretching in the vast Thar Desert (popularly known as the Ocean of Sands) covering an area of 3150 square km, the Desert National Park is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the ocean of sands � Thar Desert and its varied flora and fauna. Set up in the year of 1980, the park is considered to be the largest sanctuary of India. The park is surrounded by two hill ranges � Vindhya & Aravalli and provides a panoramic view with waterfalls. There are three major lakes in this park � Milak Talao Lake, Padam Talao Lake, and Rajbaugh Lake. These lakes are served as the watering holes for the various wild species.

Flora in Desert National Park

The Desert National Park is rich in its flora & fauna and excellent perfect example of ecology of the vast Thar Desert and its diverse fauna. The landscape of the park is made of craggy rocks, compact salt lake bottoms, inter-medial areas, and fixed dunes. The most distinguishing feature of the park is huge sand dunes covering about 20 percent of the park. Dhok, Ronj, Salai, Bear, Palm Trees, etc make it rich in its fauna and provide a perfect haven for various wild species.

Wildlife in Desert National Park

The unique topography and rich fauna supports a unique wildlife in the Desert National Park, which includes Blackbuck, Chinkara, Desert fox, Bengal fox, Desert cat, Indian hare, Indian wolf, Sand fishes, Spiny-tail lizards, Dessert monitors, Desert hares, Chameleons, Krait snakes, Viper snakes, and many more.

Bird Species in Desert National Park

The Desert National Park, Jaisalmer is home to a rich variety of bird population. While exploring the park one can see bird species like spotted sand grouses, eagles, drongos, bustards, sparrows, demoiselle cranes, falcons, gray partridges, desert wheatear, quails, peafowl bee-eaters, orioles, harriers, larks, warblers, babblers, kestrel, buzzards, vultures, Indian rollers, great Indian bustards, blue-tailed bee-eaters, etc.brbrrnThe best time to visit the Desert National Park, Jaisalmer is the month period of November to March. The desert city of Jaisalmer is well-connected by road with all the major cities of the country.